This is list of some blog submital anda ping services. If you have update about blog submital and ping services, please drop us comment. We’ll appreciate it.
blog hostingBlog Hosting Indonesia
Menyediakan blog hosting WordPress (self-host), hanya Rp 200.000 gratis nama domain.


Ping Syntax:

Google Blog Search

Ping Syntax:



Blog Street
Ping Syntax:

Ping Syntax:

Ping Syntax:

  • name: the name of the weblog
  • url: the url of the weblog
  • checkUrl: (optional) the url to be checked for the weblog status (useful when your site uses frames, so you can direct users to the frameset, but tell this site to check the correct frame for updates.)
  • rssUrl: (optional) the url of the weblog’s corresponding rss or atom feed
  • direct: (optional) if set to anything other than zero, then the response will simply consist of either the text ‘Thanks for the ping’ or a message explaining the failure.



Ice Rocket
Ping Syntax:

Blog Shares

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